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[Open] New Store in Ulsan

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We are very pleased that a new restaurant opens on April 23, Ulsan. republic of Korea. 

Ulsan is a particularly popular city when the New Year comes, as the sun rises for the first time in Korea. 

The restaurant is located in one of the wholesale markets, Homplus, where you can enjoy food, houseware, and etc.  

From Jeonju traditional bibimbap to Gamasotbap, 

You can find a variety of healthy and nutritious dishes. 

*Gamasot : "Gama" means untensils when light a fire, and "sot" means pot and bowl that cooks rice. 

Gamasot maintains high internal pressure and high temperature for a long time, which makes the best conditions: color, gloss, smell, taste, and stickiness of the rice 

  • Hanok Village Jeonju Bibimbap & Gamasot 
  • Korean traditional cuisines(Bibimbap, Bulgogi, etc.)
  • Location : 536 Beonyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

We aim to provide you the best food with Korean traditional culture.  

Thank you

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