Jeonju Soybean Sprout Soup

Jeonju Soybean Sprout Soup

“40years of experience”A clean and light taste of soup that
has been inherited and maintains the traditional flavor.
It is the best soup for refreshing body.

‘A representation of the the the specialties of Jeonju’

Jeonju is a suitable environment for growing bean sprouts.

Jeonju Bibimbap & Bean Sprout Soup?

Bean sprout soup, which has a very clean taste, very often comes
as a pair with Jeonju Bibimbap. In order to taste the richness and
warmth of the bibimbap, the bean sprout soup does not contain
any seasonings other than salt.

'Jeonju Soybean Sprout Soup' Brand Story

Hanok Village Jeonju Soybean Sprout Soup

The taste of the soybean sprout soup is mild and is not overwhelming. This dish is created by boiling fresh ingredients
with bean sprouts that are produced in Jeonju, the home of soybean sprouts, and is also consists of seasoned, well-cooked rice.
This dish is served as the perfect hangover meal and a hearty meal as well.

Bean sprout soup has been loved and an all-time favorite by customers for 40 years.

  • Octopus Bean Sprouts Soup

    Rich in vitamins and minerals.
    Make your body fresh and strong!

  • Bean sprout soup with pollack

    Suitable for hangover treatment.
    Rich sources of protein and amino acids!

  • POINT 1.

    Deep and spicy taste of mother!

    Soybean sprout soup tastes mild and is not overwhelming, also has the right temperature for you to eat it right away.

    Hanok Village Jeonju Soybean Sprout Soup,
    a deep and spicy taste that no one has ever imagined!

    Using the properties of 12 natural ingredients, such as soybean sprouts, dried pollack, frozen-dried pollack, anchovies, shrimp, kelp, and others.
    Boil for 20 hours to create a rich taste and to consider
    the health of our customers.

    The master artisan has grown soybean sprout only to optimize for the soybean sprout soup.

    With 40 years of food philosophy, we treat the customers like our family with great care and health food.

    We put 12 kinds of natural ingredients and boil
    20 hours so that you can enjoy the deep and rich taste than any other meat broth.

  • POINT 2.

    Through this dish, comfort, sincerity, and 40 years of tradition can be tasted.

    Bean sprout soup enables people to taste and feel
    the warmth that has been delivered by time.

    The more passionate and sincere you become,
    the more you will take care of yourself, especially your health.
    In a bowl filled with wisdom, we also place the memories and a delicious taste.

    Not only is the taste heavily taken into consideration, however, the health of our customers as well.