Jeonju Sot Bap

Jeonju Sot Bap

A wel coming and warm feeling provided by Gamasot,
a Korean traditional cooking style.
This style of cooking makes the rice more glutinous, incredibly delicious,
and enables people to taste the history and origin of this style of cooking.

'Jeonju Sot Bap' Brand Story

Hanok Village Jeonju Jeonju Sot Bap

Jeonju Sotbap was originated from the Jeonju Pungnyeon Restaurant in 1976.
This brand consists of the warm heart of a mother and her genuine patience.

In order to maintain the healthy and warm “rice”, the shape of the traditional cauldron is kept.
While the cauldron maintains its traditional shape, the edges of the traditional cauldron are thinly produced, (depending on its location) in order to have a more efficient heat transfer.
The shape of the traditional cauldron, the heat that is transferred spreads evenly.
This creates a stickier consistency and a delicious taste.

  • Pureed Soybean Stew with Gamasot

    Wholesome Food!
    Enjoy soybeans rich in dietary fiber.

  • Extra-strong fermented soybean paste stew

    Profuse Vitamins and Minerals
    Aid the body metabolism and obesity prevention.

  • POINT 1.

    Process of cooked rice filled with love

    The rice is cooked in a traditional cauldron and requires
    20 minutes. It is then steamed for 10 minutes.
    At the end of the wait, steam is released and rises.
    The rice grains become sticky and nurungji is formed that the bottom of the cauldron.
    Nurungji is a Korean version of scorched rice and has a crispy texture.

  • POINT 2.

    The philosophy for a more delicious and healthy meal

    We hope to bring you a relaxing and healthy meal
    despite your busy everyday life.

Benefits of Nurungji (Scorched Rice)

Effects of Nurungji

One of the pleasures of eating sotbap is the nurungji, which is scorched rice created from the heat.

Sungyung¹ neutralizes the stimulated appetite with salty and spicy foods, and amino acid dietary fiber in melted white materials helps
the intestines to digest smoothly.

Sungyung¹, which is excellent in 'toxin emission', decomposes and releases artificially toxic substances such as heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium, and pesticides in oil.
When oil accumulated in the body and cholesterol is decomposed,
it cleans the body and blood.

Helps to cure diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Sungyung: Spill boiled water to Scorched Rice