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공지 및 뉴스

공지 및 뉴스

Enjoy Korean Food![Bibimbap, Gamasot Bap]
2020.01.10 14:40

These are traditional cuisines that you may have heard about.

Korean cuisine has evolved due to cultural changes, but remains a major aspect of national identity.

Jeonju was a city where could harvest fresh and wild vegetables from the mountains. It has helped to develop a distinctive food culture around the world. For this reason, the city was designated as a UNESCO of Gastronomy in 2012.

Bibimbap is mixed rice with fresh veggies and red pepeer paste. It is made and served in the same way as 200 years ago, which makes you know Korean cultures and history.

Gukbap is known as good for hangovers.

Kongnamul gukbap is also called soybean sprouts soup with rice. It also a famous dish in Jeonju. Soybean sprouts are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, so have it as a natural remedy to get rid of hangovers.

Deep and Rich flavor with Gamasot Bap

The principle of Gamasot is sams as when you climb high mountains and cook rice. Heavy stones on the lid to boil the temperature of the low water maintain high internal pressure and high temperature for a long time. It makes the best conditions: color, gloss, smell, taste, and stickiness of the rice.

If you have it with Mackerel, you would fall in love with this food!